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New Research - Leading Through Story: What Every Bank Needs to Know about Narrative & Influence

Hundreds of bank websites house a page labeled “Our Story”, but only a fraction of those pages actually tell a story.

Instead of a narrative, they typically provide a fact or two about the bank's founding, some information about how many branches or employees the institution has, and a cursory mention of the values the bank wants to uphold.

There’s nothing wrong with this collection of facts, per se. But it’s a huge missed opportunity.

If these pages contained actual stories, they’d have the power to shape people’s feelings toward the bank — and their actions. That’s because our biology is designed to respond to narrative structure.

The best leaders intuitively understand that stories can transport us out of the minutiae of everyday life and shape our frameworks for viewing the world. The storyteller gets to craft that framework.

A well told story gives its teller the ability to rally employees, inspire confidence in stakeholders, and win customers. Our newest research will show you how. Download it here.

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