The Alloy Labs Alliance has launched the Concept Lab to address the most pressing, unmet bank customer needs. The Concept Lab is a co-development accelerator that pairs startups with groups of banks for the purpose of refining product offerings, establishing partnerships, and reaching product-market fit.

Applications for the first cohort are open until November 15th:

Concept Lab Tracks

Alloy Labs Alliance members have selected the top customer opportunities to form the Concept Lab Tracks.

1-2 startups will be accepted into each Track in order to maximize attention for each company.




Personal financial challenges are often multi-generational problems. This issue is most apparent in the cases related to the aging senior population and their adult children. Seniors face growing financial challenges as they age, while their income decreases (or ends), savings dwindle, health deteriorates, and mental acuity suffers. These factors can combine to create critical fraud risks, but they can also create regular challenges that lower the quality of life for the seniors, who no longer can live independently, and their adult children, who have to spend additional time and resources providing care.

These adult children, who may have siblings, children of their own, and businesses, are highly valuable customer segments. The key to winning this customer may lie in their ability, as head of the household, to adequately monitor and manage their aging parents’ financial positions. Through proper tools, banks could increase the likelihood of retaining customers across generations.


Banks need to provide tools to their senior customers and their adult children to preserve the quality of life and financial position, while preventing fraudulent and unfair activities by those outside or inside the family.




Farming and agriculture businesses face economic challenges as great as any other small business due to the seasonality of their product, the influence of external factors, such as the climate and macroeconomic issues. These owners and operators frequently make difficult decisions that disproportionately determine their ability to generate a successful output in the current and future seasons. These decisions include capital intensive purchases, upgrades, and upgrades, material purchases, and decisions to sell their yield.

Farmers have historically opted to rely on consultants and peers when evaluating such decisions rather than their bankers. Instead, the banks have often been relegated to “advisor of last resort”, making it difficult for banks to adequately support their customers’ needs.


Farmers are not currently receiving the full possible financial support from their banks. With tools to automatically gather and process their farming customers’ financial data, banks can provide timely and useful recommendations, products, and services.




SMB customers are critical to community banks success but the ways in which a bank supports a new small business is only through an account and set of loans. The actual financial needs for a new SMB or solo entrepreneur far exceed basic bank products and include payroll processing, receiving income, invoicing, paying vendors, and resource management. In fact, entrepreneurs and small business owners spend a significant percentage of their time on business overhead (i.e. financial management) instead of focusing on the factors that drive the success of their business. Freeing the customers’ capacity to focus on their business can increase their efficiency and their business’s potential.

Solving these problems for their customers creates new opportunities for the banks to service them in a positive cyclical manner. With automated financial tools, customers can easily, proactively, or constantly share their data with their bankers to increase the speed of advice or financing decisions. Time historically spent gathering, processing, and validating financial statements can more efficiently be used to support more clients with forward looking advice, deepening and expanding the relationship with their small business clients.


Banks need to offer an expanded suite of SMB financial tools to improve their customers’ ability to launch, manage, and receive financial support for their businesses.

Program Design

  • 6-month, remote engagement

  • Startup teams work with Product, Tech, Finance, and Compliance resources from multiple banks

  • Fintech Forge project facilitation and guidance 

  • Fintech founder and investor advisory  

  • Funding prep

Program Timeline



Startup Selection


October 19 -

November 15

November 16 - November 25

November 30 - December 18 

January - June 2021

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