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The Concept Lab is a startup accelerator dedicated to launching new products by forging partnerships between startups and banks. The accelerator seeks solutions to overlooked, unknown, or unaddressed bank customer opportunities.

We're looking for partners to help us reinvent banking, not just replumb it.

Applications are open for early-stage companies looking to form scaleable bank partnerships:

The Concept Lab is NOT for you if...

x You're digitally transforming the bank stack 

x Your solution is an industry table stake

x You've found product-market fit with banks

x You're just looking for more sales

The Concept Lab IS for you if...

You're aiming to launch a new bank solution
You're a fintech exploring a bank-led B2B2C or      B2B2B partnership model

You're any tech startup that targets bank                customers and are in pursuit of new                        distribution channels or embedded finance

You're creating new bank revenue, product      categories, or lines of business




The Concept Lab is a rolling admission program with startups accepted throughout the year. Space is limited so startups are prioritized by bank demand, strategic importance, and scale of opportunity. 

How the Program Works



Admitted startups work with sponsor banks each week for up to 3 months. Startups and sponsors collaborate to build a business case that addresses the full scope of the partnership opportunities and risks. 



The startup's program ends once a partnership model is developed and bank sponsors are equipped with all info to commit to pilots, proofs of concept, or full partnerships. The startups are then positioned to offer their solution to all 70+ Alloy Labs bank members.


Tracks are continually created and re-prioritized according to the needs Alloy Labs member banks. 


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/prōˈso͞omər/ Noun - an amateur who purchases equipment with quality or features suitable for professional use.

As gig work and side hustles abound, the boundaries between retail and SMB customers have blurred. Solo entrepreneurs and 1099 workers are increasingly using their personal accounts to run micro-businesses, and supplementing them with products from technology firms like Square, Shopify, and Paypal. This presents a huge missed opportunity for banks, which could benefit from this new economy by creating right-sized products and services to help these customers build their businesses.

Program Terms

Concept Lab startups issue equity in exchange for participation in the program. Only half of the equity is issued upon program launch while the other half only vests once the startup secures their first partnership. The total equity issued is 6% or $300,000, whichever is less, as of the company's last valuation.

Ready to apply?

Questions? Contact us at

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