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Our shared culture around how members work together. See How

Action noun-action-2978853-FFFFFF.png
Action > Talk

The answers are outside the building

Explore noun-explore-4498878-FFFFFF.png
Exploration before Execution

Nail it, then scale it

Continuous noun-continuous-4869401-FFFFFF.png
Continuous Improvement

There is no finish line

Agility noun-agile-364823-FFFFFF.png
Agility > Plans

Progress will not be linear

Data noun-data-3247868-FFFFFF.png
Data > Opinions

Strong opinions, loosely held

Tools noun-tools-34261-FFFFFF.png
Tools noun-tools-34261-FFFFFF.png
Technology is just a Tool

Strategy first, technology second

Our Purpose:


Make banking better, for customers and for banks.


Our Mission:

We select fearless community bank leaders to join our community. As active collaborators, our members enjoy network effects that can accelerate innovation, build partnerships, and make strategic investments.


Our Vision:


Level the playing field for community and mid-size banks, helping them provide products and services that make their customers’ lives better, helping these banks thrive and enrich their communities.

We look at money differently, around the edges–beyond the transaction to its real connection with the people who earn and spend it. Our livelihood is building lives.

We want to reinvent banking, not just replumb it.

Ready to work fearlessly to reinvent banking?

Apply to join the Alloy Labs Alliance here.

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