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The Anvil™ Program

Forge Ideas Into Results



What if you could see tangible results on your most important strategic priorities within 30 days?


The Anvil™ program is a series of interactive sessions delivered in flexible, digestible 2-hour modules designed to help organizations move forward quickly, effectively, and efficiently to drive new growth in a rapidly changing world. By applying proven methodologies to your real-world situations,  your team will see tangible results inside of 30 days.

As the industry leader in helping financial institutions build and leverage their innovation capacity, we have facilitated this program for hundreds of participants around the world for organizations of all sizes.

We call this program Anvil™ because it is the foundation for forging ideas into results. 

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Anvil™ Part  1 - Foundry: For Senior Leadership Teams

Strategic Alignment and Prioritization


Designed to align executive teams around key opportunities and threats, identify top strategic priorities, translate them into actionable steps, and define internal structures and programs to manage them effectively and efficiently. Four 2-hour sessions usually completed in the same week


Anvil™ Part 2 - FIRE™ Teams & Tools: For Delivery Teams

Agile Execution for Teams


Designed to help the cross-functional team(s) charged with delivering results move quickly from strategy to execution in a way that maximizes learning and rapid tangible progress within 30 days. Four 2-hour sessions generally completed within the same month.

SPARKTANK: Where Strategy Meets Execution

The culmination of the Anvil™ program is an interactive SparkTank review session with your FIRE™ Team(s) and your senior leadership team. 

Structured to emphasize tangible progress and rapid learning rather than complex project management in the early stages, teams reduce risk on new ventures by testing the most important elements quickly and cheaply.

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