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A group of some of the most innovative community banks leveraging network effects to accelerate innovation, build partnerships, and make strategic investments.



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Founded in 2018 by 12 leading community and mid-sized banks, today we have scores of members totaling over $250 billion in combined assets.  We reach over 30 million consumers and more than 6 million small businesses. If we were a single bank, we would rank in the Top 20 in the U.S., giving us a combined strength and reach far beyond that of working alone.

Check out what our members accomplished together in 2020

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  • Leverage powerful network effects to not only share ideas and best practices, but to collaborate directly to lower the costs, spread the risks, and share lessons learned to bring new ideas to market quickly

  • Our combined strength and influence empowers members to achieve far beyond anything they could by working alone

  • Our online community built on Microsoft Teams for secure and easy members-only discussions and curated content and experts

  • Crowdsourced & curated content

  • Unlimited access for an unlimited number of employees

Centers of Excellence

  • Members collaborate to co-create best practices, standards & strategic inputs

  • Focused on member-driven, tangible outputs

  • Member-driven topics such as:

    • Data & Analytics

    • Cybersecurity

    • Strategy and Business Models

    • Innovation Culture

    • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

    • Marketing

    • Automation and AI

    • Banking as a Service

Proprietary Insights

  • Intelligence and proprietary insights that drive actionable strategies

  • Exclusive reports, surveys, heatmaps, and benchmarking

  • Engage even deeper with Peer Workgroups to address specific market opportunities and challenges

  • Network effects accelerate wins and spread risks from customer discovery, to solution specifications, to due diligence and implementation

  • Members-only access to our Concept Lab to work with carefully vetted fintechs to explore and develop new products and solutions

  • Strategic investment opportunities in promising fintech companies

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Meeting Room

COO, $800M Bank

We made more progress here in 24 hours than we typically make in 3 months

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EVP, $2.5B Bank

We've seen a shift in mindset... we're going to keep doing things and proactively improving

Business Meeting

CSO, $12B Bank

Putting a group of smart people together from different banks with different perspectives is way more powerful than a group of my own smart people

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Membership is limited to qualifying U.S. banks only.


 Fintech companies and nonbank service providers can join our providers database. All of our priorities are member-driven and we'll be in touch if there an opportunity that aligns with your capabilities.

The Alloy Labs Alliance is powered by FinTech Forge, the industry leader in helping financial institutions build and leverage their innovation capacity internally and through strategic fintech partnerships and investments. Learn more about FinTech Forge

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