Community and Mid-Sized Banks Collaborating to Efficiently

Develop and Adopt New Ideas 



Founded in 2018 by 12 leading community and mid-sized banks, the Alloy Labs Alliance is a member-driven shared innovation lab that helps reduce risks, lower costs, and shorten the time between ideas and results.

Today we total over $180 billion in assets and reach nearly 30 million consumers and more than 6 million small businesses. If we were a single bank, we would rank in the Top 25 in the U.S., giving us a combined strength and reach far beyond that of working alone



Get Involved

Join the Alliance

  • Get a full time innovation team for less than the cost of a part-time teller

  • Low-cost/low-risk way to jumpstart your innovation efforts

  • Actionable insights from curated content and experts

  • Exclusive reports, surveys, heatmaps, and benchmarking

  • Unlimited access for an unlimited number of employees

  • Choose the services that meet your needs and only pay for what you need, when you need it

Get Tools and Training

  • Customized for your goals and situation

  • Proven tools and methodologies put your ideas into action right away

  • Foundational frameworks for governance, funding and risk management

  • Best practices of modern agile business methods that are custom-tailored to work in a highly regulated environment

  • Our process has been featured in leading publications and conferences around the world, at taught at leading graduate schools of banking

Collaborate with Peers

  • Peer workgroups with member-driven priorities and decisions

  • Group efforts reduce costs and risks

  • Network effects accelerate wins

  • Output includes a negotiated contract with group discount

  • Includes full product, security, compliance, and risk diligence, and best practices for implementation

  • Member-driven priorities include
    P2P Payments, Digital Account Opening, Ag Banking, Robotic Process Automation, Financial Health & Wellness and more.

“We made more progress here in 24 hours than we typically make in 3 months”


 - Member, Bank Chief Operating Officer

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Membership is limited to U.S. regional and community banks at this time.

Nonbank service providers can submit information here.

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