Redesigning Customer Experiences in a Post-Pandemic World

Business Loans: Tuesday May 19  3:00ET

Consumer Deposits: Tuesday June 2  3:00ET

  • Develop a set of hypotheses and key assumptions related to a target customer, to confirm an addressable opportunity for your bank

  • Develop a deeper understanding of changing customer needs

  • Identify emerging pains, gains, and jobs to drive product features

  • Articulate functional needs to inform requirements and specifications

  • Identify opportunity areas for further exploration

  • End result is a hypothesis and key assumptions framed for testing

Both workshops are now full, but we're looking at adding additional sessions to accommodate demand. Join the waitlist below.

In these hands-on virtual workshops participants will explore the critical customer experience elements that need to be re-designed in a post-pandemic world. The objective is to develop a deeper and applicable understanding of changing customer needs, goals, and pain points. Participants will be able to use the outputs from this session to build or re-design solutions or product design features to meet real-world needs, either on their own or optionally as part of a collaborative Workgroup to further share ideas, workload, costs, and risks to quickly forge ideas into results. 



These are hands-on participatory workshops, not webinars for passive viewing. Participants will be given some short pre-work so they can come prepared to get the most out of the sessions. Open to members and non-members, but only to verified bank employees. Space is extremely limited.

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