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What is Your Disruption Risk?

Financial institutions have well-developed systems for managing specific risks (credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, compliance risk, etc.) in a relatively stable and predictable competitive environment.
Current risk management systems often fail to adequately recognize systematic risks of doing too little to blunt competitive forces and create a sustainable competitive advantage through differentiation.


This free assessment gives you a simple, easy to understand measurement of your organization’s innovation maturity across 7 key dimensions. The higher your score, the lower your disruption risk.


You'll get a numerical score with some next steps for consideration as soon as you're done. If you would like to aggregate your responses with others from your team and get a more detailed report, including potential gaps across different levels of your organization, see below.


Want to Measure Your Whole Team?

More data points from multiple perspectives from within your institution will give you a clearer picture of your innovation maturity and disruption risk.


We have been collecting this standardized data from institutions across the country since 2015 and have thousands of data points to help us pick out trends and insights. We ask for no confidential data, and we will never sell or share your responses publically, although we periodically share the anonymized aggregated results in our industry reports. 

For a free report on your organization's innovation maturity and disruption risk:

  1. Look up your bank's FDIC number or your credit union's charter number

  2. Share this page with your team and ensure all respondents enter that number in the Institution Code field of the assessment.

  3. After all responses have been submitted from your team, complete the following request to receive your free team report. Team reports are custom-built to compare your results with our industry index and examine the underlying drivers within your organization, a long with potential action items to consider. Turn-around is usually 3-5 business days.

Partial Sample of Team Report
Innovation Maturity Reports Master.png
Team Assessment Request

Team Reports are custom built. You should receive it within 3-5 business days.

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