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New Developments: An RPA Guide

Throughout the different corners of the Alloy Labs Alliance, many members have alluded to misunderstandings, struggles, and frustrations not of technology, but of people. As one banker recently taught me, “A lot of the time, these are simply PICNIC problems (person in chair, not in computer).”  

You can have the most advanced programmer in the world by your side, but without proper communication and alignment that person can be the lowest producer on your team. Humans are still humans, regardless of background and experience.  

And the simple truth of the matter is that non-technical issues can very easily derail technology-heavy initiatives. 

Title page for publication.

Our latest publication, New Developments, is a non-technical roadmap to help banks craft an effective, internal RPA program. This guide comes from conversations that we have had in the Automation & AI Center of Excellence, member bank experiences and playbooks, as well as external research. 

New Developments is primarily for banks who are interested in or choosing to use low-code or no-code process automation software technology. If your institution has experienced developers or an automation team looking to build from scratch, this publication may not hold the best value for you.  

But for many of you, I believe that this guide will hold value. Jumping into RPA can be a difficult journey, specifically when you don’t have a detailed technological background. This guide will break down some of the more important questions and decisions you and your team will need to be aligned on before launching. 

As one contributor told me, “Why pride yourself on being the last to do something?” 

If you’ve ever considered using RPA in the past but didn’t know where to start, begin here. 

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