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FinTech Forge is now the Alloy Labs Institute

Updated: Jan 16

FinTech Forge is now the Alloy Labs Institute.

When we first stated Fintech Forge in 2014 we chose the name to reflect a commitment to building things that last. We wanted to go far beyond traditional consulting to create programs that could drive lasting change within highly regulated institutions. We continued that theme in naming our trademark FIRE process (Fast, Iterative, Responsive Experiments), and in our Anvil program because it is the foundation for forging ideas into results.

In 2018 we created the Alloy Labs Alliance, a consortium of banks whose combined strength and flexibility is greater than the sum of its component elements.

And now the FinTech Forge is the Alloy Labs Institute. The same industry-leading tools and frameworks taught at leading graduate schools of banking, the same corporate and executive growth programs, the same live interactive (co)Labs, and the same team. This continues a transition we have been making over time to better connect all of the things we do from the member-driven bank collaboration of the Alloy Labs Alliance, to the accelerated bank/fintech partnerships of our Concept Lab, to the strategy-led corporate venture capital investments of our Alloy Alchemist Fund.

Everything from the Alloy Labs Institute will remain open to all employees of banks and credit unions, with preferred pricing and scheduling for members of the Alloy Labs Alliance.

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