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Alloy Labs is the industry leader in helping financial institutions build and leverage a unique competitive advantage to drive exponential growth. 

Fusion is all about the unique needs of credit union leaders and members.


Applying methodologies from the Alloy Labs Institute taught in leading graduate schools and board rooms, and leveraging the network effects of working with other top CU leaders and subject matter experts will help you grow your membership, gather non-rate based balances, and build differentiated products and experiences.

Casual Business Meeting



By popular demand, we are following up on our live workshop to go deeper and expand participation. This hands-on live workshop series is designed to deliver high impact for senior CU leaders with a minimum investment of time and resources. 

The actionable insights generated will help you compete and win engaged members across multiple generations with tactical, practical steps you can implement right away. 

Four unique sessions to explore the complex issues and opportunities for this opportunity.


Why This Matters:


We are on the cusp of the greatest generational wealth transfer in history, with over $68 trillion set to pass down to younger generations. However, most CUs are not positioned to retain, let alone grow balances. The average age of a credit union member in North America is 53, while the average age of the U.S. population is 38.5 years.


This creates numerous challenges for credit union leaders, including attracting younger members, retaining balances through beneficiary relationships, addressing product and service gaps for aging members, mitigating fraud losses, and supporting younger members managing their aging family's financial affairs. 

Register now to secure your spot in this exclusive workshop series and gain valuable insights to compete and win engaged members across multiple generations. Don't miss this opportunity to sharpen your competitive edge with other top CU leaders and subject matter experts. 


Action noun-action-2978853-FFFFFF.png
Action > Talk

The answers are outside the building

Explore noun-explore-4498878-FFFFFF.png
Exploration before Execution

Nail it, then scale it

Continuous noun-continuous-4869401-FFFFFF.png
Continuous Improvement

There is no finish line

Agility noun-agile-364823-FFFFFF.png
Agility > Plans

Progress will not be linear

Data noun-data-3247868-FFFFFF.png
Data > Opinions

Strong opinions, loosely held

Tools noun-tools-34261-FFFFFF.png
Technology is just a Tool

Strategy first, technology second


Fusion is a community of CU thought-leaders, and most importantly, a community of active collaborators who share our values and enjoy leveraging powerful network effects that can accelerate innovation, build partnerships, and invest in new opportunities to drive unique value for their organizations and their members.


It's not about following the crowd, so it's not for everyone. 


If you are serious about making a real difference in your members' lives, let's talk.

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