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External Resources

Here is a partial (and ever-changing) list of books, blogs, podcasts, other external resources we like. Your mileage may vary.


We're a little biased, since Jason Henrichs and JP Nicols are cohosts along with show creator Brett King of Breaking Banks, the #1 global fintech podcast. The show is produced by, which features several other interesting podcasts on technology and financial services, including The Futurists, The Finovate Podcast, Tech on Reg, NextGen Banker, Emerge Everywhere, Breaking Chains, Breaking Banks Asia Pacific, and Breaking Banks Europe.

Beyond that, these are some of the (unaffiliated) business podcasts that we listen to regularly:

White Bluetooth Earphones
Typing on Computer


Here's who we're reading regularly:

Articles and Videos

Here are some of the videos and other materials that we use in the classroom and the boardroom to help explain and illustrate certain topics:

Video Call

On Our Bookshelf


(We may earn a small commission as an Amazon affiliate if you decide to buy a book from these specific links, but we are not paid to promote any specific books.)

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