Tuesday October 27, 2020 - 11:00 - 12:30ET


Today's farmer needs a dynamic, multi-purpose financial platform that can be tailored to their unique farming operation to drive informed decision, operational efficiencies, and higher profits, including:


  • Help customers automate finance functions
  • Cash Flow Management Tools
  • SMB budgeting/cash flow forecasting tools
  • Actionable customer data insights
  • Get financial advice quickly


Collaborate with your industry peers and learn from multiple bank perspectives in this interactive session


Bring your whole team: 3 or more attendees can join for the price of 2

10-27-20 Customer Discovery (co)Lab: Ag Banking

  • Customer Discovery (co)Labs are designed for team members responsible for implementing digital priorities and delivering results, including product and business leaders. Move quickly from strategy to execution in a way that maximizes both effectiveness and efficiency. Participants will be able to use the outputs from this session to build or redesign solutions or product features to meet real-world needs on their own, or optionally, as part of a collaborative Workgroup to further share ideas, workload, and costs with others.

    • Accelerate deployment cycles while maintaining appropriate governance
    • Develop a customer-centric perspective to prioritize product features

    • Test ideas quickly and cheaply before committing resources to build or buy

    • Identify and prioritize opportunities and test key assumptions

    • Appropriately scaled agile risk management principles​​

    All sessions will be conducted via Zoom, and typically facilitated on Stormboard, a digital collaboration workspace where participants can collaborate on structured whiteboards, add virtual sticky notes, and cast votes on important elements in real time

    • Alloy (co)Labs are hands-on participatory digital workshops, not webinars for passive viewing; part of the value is learning from multiple bank perspectives

    • Prior to the session, registrants will receive some a custom workbook for context and preparation 

    • After the session, registrants will receive a recap of key ideas and take-aways synthesized and supplemented with additional relevant research, plus a link to the video recording of the session

    • Alloy (co) Labs are open only to verified employees of licensed financial institutions

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