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Updated: Jan 13


Looking to break into fintech? This entry-level opportunity (1-3 years of previous experience) puts you at the heart of the fintech world, partnerships between banks and startups, and venture capital. This is a full-time, paid position coordinating our Alliance programs and interactions with the fintech community.

What We Do

Alloy Labs is a consortium of community and mid-sized banks working together to operationalize innovation through collaboration, startup partnerships and strategic investments. Curious what we’ve accomplished? We launched a peer to peer network that got coverage in major publications like Forbes, Financial Brand and American Banker to name a few. Our Concept Lab is a reverse accelerator that creates partnerships with startups like the one between Carefull and the Cooperative Bank. We are also active strategic investors in the technologies and business models disrupting financial services like NYDIG and ClubNFT.

If we were a single institution, we would be a top 20 bank in the U.S.

What You’ll Do

You will work closely with our Director of Insights, Accelerator and Venture teams to identify and research startups that match our areas of interest, conduct background research, coordinate partnership and diligence meetings, document next steps, and assist with follow-on diligence. You’ll also assist with program coordination for the Alliance’s member banks.

Bank Facing: Connect the dots between member needs and Alliance activities. Enable member engagement that drives strategic initiatives forward to produce tangible results. You’ll operate at the forefront of strategy and technology.

Fintech Facing: Work closely with the Accelerator and Venture teams to identify, diligence and recruit disruptive technologies. Coordinate diligence meetings and next steps. Develop relationships with fintech CEOs, VCs and accelerators.

Community Facing: Plan and execute virtual and in-real-life events to build community. Represent Alloy Labs in social media and events.

Who You Are

Passionate: You are excited about the revolution happening in financial services and want to play a part. You actively read about the space and follow the fintech startup ecosystem.

Cat Wrangler: You are comfortable managing chaos and “herding cats.”There are many moving parts when managing an ecosystem that includes startups, bankers, venture capitalists and technologists; your job is to keep nudging things forward.

Detail-oriented: You take pleasure in order. You are meticulous in understanding the problem to be solved and executing tasks.

Self-directed problem-solver: You are independent enough to seek solutions to issues as they arise, but humble and efficient enough to know when to ask for help.

Curious and Perceptive: You notice patterns and can “connect the dots”. When you come across an idea you’re not familiar with, you seek out knowledge. You enjoy absorbing the abbreviations, attitudes, and ideas that define a group’s culture.

Servant's heart: You’re empathetic, hospitable, and helpful. You feel fulfilled when you get to be the “go-to” person for an issue and make someone else’s day a little easier.

1-3 years of experience post college and some technical aptitude or interest preferred.

Experience with Salesforce or other CRM systems is a plus. Microsoft enterprise software — especially Teams, Sharepoint, and 365 — wins you bonus points.

What You Get

Alloy Labs is a preferred partner with the top fintech VCs and startups because of the strategic value we bring. In this role, you’ll interact with the movers and shakers that are changing the industry. The coordination role gives you a birds eye view of the industry and the opportunity to build an incredible network. This job is a stepping stone to venture capital, banking, or a role at a fintech company if you don’t choose to stay with us.

Email to introduce yourself, submit a resume, and ask questions: Amber Buker, Director of Insights,


We are, and have always been, a remote first company but we get together (pandemic not-withstanding) at the events we attend such as SXSW, Money2020 and Finovate. We value diversity and collaboration in all forms. We are intellectually curious, community minded and compassionate. The work environment is flexible and fun, but we are dead serious on the mission that financial technology and community banks play vital roles in improving customer lives.

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