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A Sampling of

Lab Notes

Lab Notes is a bi-weekly newsletter, members-only newsletter for banks in the Alloy Labs Alliance. Each newsletter highlights important updates and upcoming events around the Alliance and features a short, editorial topper. Toppers cover a wide range of subjects including innovation, strategy, and leadership. A few select toppers are sampled below. 

Jamie Dimon and the Red Queen

This year’s letter from Jamie Dimon to JPMorgan Chase shareholders evoked a sense of urgency. The 66-page missive made wide ranging commentary on everything from the economy to social justice, to competition from Big Tech and China. But time was a theme Dimon returned to again and again — a refrain about the rapid and ceaseless rate of change we face today . . . Read more


Lost in Space

No one knows what happened to the Mars Climate Orbiter. The craft launched in 1998 on a mission to Mars. It was intended to orbit the planet, gathering weather data and searching for signs of water. But a language barrier doomed the mission to fail before the orbiter even left the stratosphere . . . Read more


How 10s Turn Into 7s

On a scale of 1 to 10, most leaders believe they only hire candidates who are 8s, 9s, and 10s. But, even if those high standards are upheld, they still end up with plenty of 6s and 7s on their teams . . . Read more


What Hair Care Taught Me about Cross Sell

Every couple of months, I bebop into a major beauty retailer to get my hair cut. I really like my stylist. We always have nice chats and she’s good at cutting my hair. But she doesn’t have a great grasp on how my hair behaves day-to-day when I’m not in her fancy, pneumatic chair . . . Read more


This Is Not A Toy

The disruptive technologies that ultimately change the world are often dismissed as toys in their early days. 

They start out as novelties used by a small but enthusiastic army of geeks in an underserved market . . . Read more

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