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Family Matters

Growing, Retaining, and Expanding Member Relationships Across Generations

This live workshop series is designed to deliver high impact for senior credit union leaders, providing actionable insights and introductions to existing solutions that can be implemented right away. Attend all, or just those most relevant to your CU and members. 

All sessions are conducted live virtually.

What You'll Take Away:

  • Gain insights on unique member needs and pain points of cross-generational relationships via a shareable workshop report  

  • Identify opportunities to build deeper relationships with members' families

  • Generate new ways to embed your CU as a trusted resource during members' big life moments

  • Develop tools for member-driven innovation

  • Introductions to market solutions that provide a competitive edge for cross-generational relationships


This workshop series:

  • Provides a high-level overview of the general concept lab approach and methodologies

  • Establishes a foundation for participants to understand the approach and methodologies

  • Shares lessons learned from prior solution implementations at spotlighted solutions

  • Sheds light on solution’s risk mitigants, economics, and more

Who Should Attend:

  • CEOs and COOs

  • Heads of Strategy

  • Member Experience Executives

  • Senior Product Leaders

Registration is Free: Bring your Team


This hands-on workshop will be facilitated by industry experts of the Concept Lab which is dedicated to launching new products by forging partnerships between startups and financial institutions. The Concept lab leverages modern agile business methods including Design Thinking, Jobs Theory, Customer-Centered Development, Product-Led Growth, and others. Participants will be exposed to the initial findings of the specific member needs, pains, and gains of the ways to enhance the services provided to aging members and attract new ones by fostering growth through increased engagement and establishing connections with the next generation.

External Experts Include:


Space is Limited Register Now

Attend all, or just those most relevant to your CU and members.

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Session 1

September 6


Recap of initial workshop findings, and discuss and refine the three specific use cases to assess the challenges and opportunities associated with banking experiences for older adults and their children.

SeSSIon 2

September 13


Exploring turnkey options  to ensure that Gen X and Baby Boomer members are ready to navigate retirement.


September 20


Provide members with new opportunities to not only create a digital will, share family histories, through an intergenerational private family network.


September 27


Leverage proprietary technology that integrates senior-specific financial monitoring, identity theft protection, communication, and how-to content, replacing the ad hoc paper pile, spreadsheets, and hold music that today greets adults caring for someone else's money.

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